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Fall 2012

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Carlos Arguelles                          
Jay Bernstein          



Jean Boggs                          
Lesley Broder                          
Robert Cowan My book came out two years ago and, even though I've been writing, I hadn't submitted any of it until this past summer. But now things are moving again. I have a scholarly essay coming out in an anthology in November and two others under consideration at journals: an article on Musil at Modernism/modernity and an article on Wagner at Monatshefte. I just had three poems and three flash fiction pieces accepted at two journals and I have 14 other pieces, including a novel excerpt and a creative nonfiction piece, under consideration at a bunch of other ones. I also pitched an article to the New York Times Education Life. My book has gotten five reviews so far, most of which have been very positive. My writing goals now are to finish my novel revisions and get some more "creative" work accepted, so I can begin pitching it in earnest. I would also like flesh out the outline for a new scholarly book I began this summer.   In the next month, I would like to finish my novel revisions and begin work on my new scholarly book. I also have to apply for some travel money, so I can fund giving a paper next July at the Sorbonne.                    Three poems came out in the online journal Word Riot in November and three poems will be coming out in the Spring issue of Skidrow Penthouse. I've gotten rejections from 10 other poetry & fiction journals. I published my first SoTL piece in the anthology Teaching Literature in the Community College: Traversing Practices and I got conference papers related to my new scholarly book, tentatively called Against Enlightenment, accepted at conferences at the University of Toronto and the Sorbonne. I have done a little work on that book in the last two months, but mostly outlining. I hope to begin the research for real this coming week. I just heard back from Modernism/modernity that they are only beginning the peer review process for the article I submitted to them in August, so I'm annoyed about that. I haven't heard from Monatshefte about the article I sent them. I did finish the novel, Sense Will Pass Away, but I haven't had any luck yet publishing an excerpt of it, so I haven't started to approach agents about it yet. I have been working on outlining a new novel, The Gas Giants, and I've been working on a bunch of new poems.
Martha Clark Cummings                          
Lourdes Follins  
Julia Furay                           
Libby Garland                          
Valerie Gill                          
Janine Graziano-King                          
Valerie Haskell                          
Gabrielle Kahn                          
Renee Mizrahi                          
Jennifer Noe                          
Hope Parisi                          
Caterina Pierre Caterina hopes to send out her Courbet article that she worked on during the spring and summer 2012 to Art History. She must begin and essay on Vincezo Vela's Helvetia sculptures, due in December for a museum publication. By October, she would like to have at least 10 pages of the Vela essay written in draft form.                         
Lili Shi                          
Petra Symister                          
Marissa Schlesinger                           
Florence Schneider      
Michael Sokolow                          
Elizabeth Tompkins                          
Jason VanOra                          


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