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Spring 2012

Page history last edited by cpierre@kingsborough.edu 11 years, 10 months ago
  March 29   May 29   August 7  
Carlos Arguelles Carlos is working on a fouth article which will require IRB approval and is in its very first stages.  The thrid article he was working on is in the hands of his "editor" a friend who looks over his work and give constructive criticism. He sent an abstract for this article to College and Undergraduate Libraries and hopes to have it accepted. All of these article might be the basis for a book on the role of Library Literacy for Nursing students. He still uses the 15 minutes a day writing rule and finds it very useful and helps him stay productive.  He wonders if there is any rule about publishing too much in one year; the consensus was that he should ask his chairperson.     Carlos received his third article back from his editor and has now sent it out to a journal for review to the Journal College and Undergraduate Libraries.  He is now beginning work on his fourth article, which he will present as a poster presentation at the SUNY Library Conference at FIT this year.  Carlos's summer plan is to work on the poster project and materials for this fourth article during his week of reassigned time at the end of July and will report back on his progress on August 7.    Carlos is working with finding a publication for his third article.  It was suggested that he consider writing a book on his topic and saving this third article for a book chapter.   
Jay Bernstein Jay is working on a project where he would co-author a book with a Library Science colleague at Queens College. He would work on chapters of the book where he has a special knowledge/interest, including knowledge in traditional societies and indigenous and sacred knowledge. He is also working on revising a conference paper from 2009 on Knowlege Management and the Inquiry Process. His goal is to start working on a chapter of the book this spring.   Jay was awarded 20 days of reassigned time to work on his projects. He remains committed to working on the book he is co-authoring with the Queens College professor and he also is working on his own book project on Inquiry/Libraries and Intellectual Values.  He is doing the reading and lit review now for these projects.  Jay's summer plan is to draft a book proposal this summer and also to work on finding grants for his projects and write grant proposals for them.   Jay is hoping to present a paper at the iUniversity conference in TX. 



Martha Clark Cummings            
Lesley Broder
Valerie Gill  
Gabrielle Kahn            
Renee Mizrahi            
Hope Parisi            
Caterina Pierre Caterina is on Fellowship Leave until August 1, 2012.  She is currently working on her Courbet sculpture article for Art Bulletin and hopes to work with an editor this spring to get it into shape before sending it to the Bulletin before the end of the summer.  Also, she will be in Switzerland this spring to develop a new project, which will hopefully be an essay for the exhibition catalogue for the upcoming Marcello exhibition in Switzerland.  Finally, she is waiting to hear if the journal Visual Resources wants to accept an article co-authored by Caterina and Marissa Schlesinger on a museum/online hybrid class they ran in the Summer of 2009.  They sent out an abstract in March and are waiting to hear if the article has been accepted.   Caterina "finished" her Courbet article well enough to send it to an editor for reading. She hopes to have it back from him in June, finalize it, and send it to the journal Art History (after deciding against Art Bulletin) before the end of the summer. In Switzerland she developed 4 new projects, but the one that takes precedence will be an essay on the "Helvetia" sculptures of Vincenzo Vela. This is due in the fall of 2012 and is a guaranteed publication in the journal Casa d'Artisti. The journal Visual Resources did not accept the proposal sent in March but Marissa and Caterina will revisit the article on the online/hybrid class this fall, and hope to submit it to Arts and Humanities in Higher Education early next year. Caterina's summer goal is to have the Courbet article sent out and to have a good introduction and some solidly researched pages written for the Vela article by August 7.   Caterina sent a second draft of her Courbet article to the editor for reading.  She is still hoping to have it polished enough to send to the journal Art History before classes begin on September 10. She must begin the new Vela Helvetia project ASAP, because that is a guarenteed museum publication if she can have it comepleted (20-25 pages) by December. Her goal is to mail out the Courbet article and start the Vela article before the next FIG meeting of September 27.  
Petra Symister            
Florence Schneider      
Michael Sokolow            
Janine-Graziano King            
Jean Boggs     Jean Boggs was on reassigned time during the May 29 meeting but she is working steadily on a number of projects and will report back to us in the summer.    Jean is reworking her bookplates essay and is also working on an article about feminist teaching in the library.  She also has a paper that stems from a presentation she gave on Government Documents that she would like to expand into a paper.   
Jason VanOra            
Lourdes Follins            
Valerie Haskell     We welcome Valerie who just joined the KCTL Writing Group on May 29! She is working on an article on OB Hemorrhages and issues in developing a hospital plan for handling this medical concern. The material on this topic is scattered and she would need to put approximately 5-10 years of literature together and review it before planning her article and position on the subject. Valerie's summer plan is to work on the lit review and write a draft of this article after identifying a journal where it might fit.      
Lili Shi            
Jennifer Noe         Has an article on content analysis and law enforcement that she would like to send out asap.   
Julia Furay            
Robert Cowan            
Marissa Schlesinger            
Elizabeth Tompson         has an article she has been working on for the past two years that she wants to finalize and send out to a journal.  

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