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Fall 2011

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  October 12   November 2   December 6  
Carlos Arguelles             
Jay Bernstein           



Martha Clark Cummings             
Lesley Broder
Valerie Gill   
Gabrielle Kahn             
Renee Mizrahi            
Hope Parisi            
Caterina Pierre This fall, Caterina would like to once again return to the Courbet essay; but first she must: work on the AAC&U conference piece with Marissa (due November 4); write a book review for H-France (due December 1) and write the paper on the cemetery gisants that she must present in Los Angeles in February (due January 9). These three projects are the main writing projects she will work on for the fall and must be completed by the end of 2011. Then in the winter she plans to convert the AAC&U conference lecture into an article with Marissa (possibly for Arts & Humanities in Higher Ed) and work on sending out the Courbet article to Art Bulletin.          
Petra Symister            
Florence Schneider      
Michael Sokolow            
Janine-Graziano King            
Jean Boggs Jean is waiting for word on the Bookplates essay that she sent out this past summer; in the meantime she is working on a chapter for a book on Information Neutral Library Research/Radical Feminist Librarianship.  She hopes to write about 800 words this month and do a literature search on her topic.  She remains interested in Magazines and Pop Culture, but needs to come up with a library-based project for a 3rd publication for her promotion and tenure.  She has a good idea for an essay on Best Practices for Research assignments for the Art History Survey, and would also like to think of something to submit to the publication Art Documentation.          
Jason VanOra            
Lourdes Follins            

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