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Winter 2010

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  Email Goals

December 15

Email Goal January 12 Email Goals February 9



  Finished "2nd part" of paper.  Goal is to describe the pilot study in the article: model, methods,and results.  Hopes to be revising it and working on bibliography by early February.   Finished a rough draft of the description of the pilot study. Goal: To revise the draft and start circulating it among colleagues.   Working on first draft.



  Hopes to get back to working on PSC/CUNY grant with N. Green.  Starting to think more about inchoate book concept on information organization in libraries.   Has been reading and noting.  Goals: to continue reading through and responding to the literature.   Trying to get into a new project - something bigger that has to do with my takes on knowledge and the inquiry process - trying to find my own voice and thoughts...



  A lot of waiting: on Camden House, and on The Comparatist essay proofs. Has been working on poems (hopes to have submitted by next mtg) and the novel manuscript.  Finished 2nd pass of revisions on the novel and intends to submit excerpts to journals this Winter.  Will also return to research for the Parsifal paper.  Contemplating writing a magazine article about 1st year of teaching at KCC. To send out poetry submissions.  I submitted 13 poems to 8 journals (in various combinations).  I've been revising the first chapter of my novel, so that I can submit excerpts.  I have signed contracts with Camden House, gotten permissions from journals for the formerly published portions of the manuscript, procured cover art, and am now working on the marketing information they have requested.  I've restarted my Parsifal research and begun drafting magazine queries for the piece on my first year at KCC.  And I wrote and submitted a proposal to teach in the Vassar summer program.  

Somehow I missed the fact that Conjunctions doesn't do simultaneous submissions, but they said that they liked the poems I sent them a lot and encouraged me to re-submit, so I revised five more poems and sent them to them. Then I revised and submitted a personal essay ("Close Call with Siberian Kick-boxers") to five journals and an excerpt from my novel to eight other journals. Now I am researching agents for the novel; I've settled on four to query to begin with, but it may still be a while before I feel confident enough in the manuscript and my synopses of it to do so.  I researched doing a "smart piece" on German Orientalism for the New York Review of Books or the Times Literary Supplement, but the book I wanted to base it on has already been reviewed, so I've shelved that. My magazine pitch about my first year teaching at KCC hasn't gone out yet because the friend who's helping me with it has been sick.  I finished the marketing brief for Camden House, which took me almost a week, and got a mock-up the cover, which looks great (I can show y'all at the next meeting). I finished the proofs for my article cluster in The Comparatist and sent those back.  I was accepted into the Vassar summer program, so that's cool. I  put together a panel for the German Studies Association conference next fall, which should get accepted.


My goal for next time is to write the second half of the Parsifal paper and submit it, but it looks unlikely with things like course prep to do.



    working on another short story. I 'll read you a little bit of it tomorrow. I think it might be almost finished! Urges us to take to heart Joyce Carol Oates words.  Writing makes us write. Came up with final sentences of two stories this week.  Goal: To send out all ten before the end of the Winter. "Inventing a Language" will be sent to Janine and Holly, who are on the edges of their seats waiting to read it, :-) by Friday. "Writing with Boys" will be submitted by Monday.  An untitled story that got fabulous feedback from Natasha (who hasn't been able to join our group) will be sent off next week. Is it ok to send a story to a journal called "damselfly?" What is a damselfly? "Pretending not to notice" still needs some work. Meanwhile, I have been slightly interrupted by the acceptance of a proposal for a presentation on 2/14 about which I have nothing to say yet! Moving along - if I get stuck, I copy what I have by hand. Plan to continue revising and will start a new NON-jAPANESE story - TOMORROW! Planning a discourse analysis piece.
Libby Garland   Finishing dissertation article for submission (U.S. Immigration policies in the 1920s and alien registration in Michigan). Hopes to finish final chapter of dissertation book manuscript, and would like to "tinker with" the book proposal a bit, to submit to Indiana (Jewish Studies Series?).       Hoping to finish article in next few days. Have done archival research toward final chapter, but need to do more research to write the last chapter. Working with Kevin on LC presentation/article.



      Hoping to find a narrow topic in pediatric nursing, re: ped. hypertension or ped. diabetes, to write about.  Goals: read How To Write A Lot, choose a regular, daily writing time and, before Spring, produce a meaty outline.    Completed lit review, getting focused, trying to "just do it" and not project into the future. Sent off a letter to a publisher




Thank heavens the semester is over!

Finally have the time to get back to revising the collaborative paper with Hope....Yesterday discussed the possibility of a new collaborative project...and

Hallelujah! I think I've finally settled into a new solo project...actually started writing this morning! See you on Tuesday! :)

Back on track with revision of article (tutors in LCs, w/ H. Parisi).  Hopes to write something for Teaching English in 2 Year Colleges that articulates the challenges facing a non-comp trained instructor of comp (ENG 24). Goal: solid outline of this article by the end of the Winter. Still editing paper with Hope...found a new and interesting source. Rethinking new paper - again! Working on 3rd revision.  Might submit to a Community College specific journal, before completing major revision again. Will look into new sources. I'm writing! I'm writing! Revising LC piece for CC Enterprise - thanks, Florence! Hope to have a draft by our meeting.  



  Finished acknowledgments.  Now compiling a "dummy" of the book to submit to the NCTE (et al) for review, hopefully by the end of the Winter.  Goal is to make final decisions about the selection and placement of pictures, and to edit the back cover summary.       Have a mock up and am waiting for the galleys to send out for review. Then will offer magazines serials rights. Will do book expo in May.






I may miss the 12/15/09 meeting because I have a Drs. appt in the morning and a final exam to administer at 4 pm. But by this date I would like to be well on my way to writing the pages to round out the Minerva article, and to have my book corrections sent out to Switzerland.  That is about as much as I can expect to do because I will be bombarded with grading from December 15 to 22.  After that I can return to the Chakaia Booker Catalogue essay and the revisions for the Pere Lachaise/Dalou article.

I'd like to mail out the Minerva Article and the book corrections out by the end of the month of December. I'd like to submit the Booker article to the Gallery Director by January 3. I'll fill in my progress here under the meeting date.

Had two finals on 12/15 so couldn't attend meeting but still trying to dig out Minerva stuff and still hope to continue working on that over the holidays. Grades are the priority right now, should have all posted by 12/20.  Got a reprieve on the Book corrections because everyone at the publishing end is on vacation and I may have to personally bring the corrections to Switzerland in January. The Booker essay is on hold because we haven't received the exhibition contract back from the artist, so the show might be postponed. Lachaise/Dalou revisions will be started on January 4 when I get to Paris. So writing priority is the Minerva article and I hope to send it out by January 1: will let you know if I meet that deadline! I will miss the 1/9/10 meeting because I will be in Paris, but hope to be working on the Pere/Lachaise Dalou article and doing some preliminary research on the Modern Allegories project. I'll fill in my progress here under the meeting date.  Update: I completed the book corrections and the book has gone to press; if I am lucky I can bring a copy to our first meeting of the spring. The Booker project is postponed because the artist could not work around our gallery dates. I went to Green-Wood just before going to Paris and I got a bit of factual information that I needed, but the project took a back seat to the Pere-Lachaise/Dalou article, for which I received reader reports from the journal where I submitted this piece in June of 2008. I did a lot of work on the Dalou article in Paris because it is due back to the editor in May.  It still needs work but I will have to get this out soon because it's tentatively accepted for publication... I will miss the 2/9/10 meeting because I will be in Chicago from Feb 9-14 for the College Art Association Annual Conference, where I will be chairing a panel on Lorado Taft.  This might actually result in a publication later, as my co-chair and I are going to try to get a Chicago-based university press interested in publishing all of the papers from our Taft panel as an anthology on Taft and Chicago Beaux-Arts Sculpture. As for my other work, I hope to have the Pere-Lachaise/Dalou revisions well under way by this date, as the deadline for the revised article is May 2010. I'll fill in my progress here under the meeting date.  Update: Session in Chicago went very well and we might have made a connection with someone at the conference who is interested in publishing essays from the session. Meanwhile the priority is the Pere-Lachaise/Dalou essay.  I've had someone read it since revising it in Paris and this person made a lot of good suggestions and it looks like I'll need to add stronger material on the history of sculpture and touch.  This may take a bit longer than expected (I had hopes of sending this back to the editor before the beginning of the Spring semester, but now it looks like the corrections will take me through the month of March to complete.) My new order of writing projects is: Pere-Lachaise/Dalou, by March; Barrais and Modern Allegories by April (for a conference paper I have to give in Late April); Green-wood/Minerva now gets postponed, possibly until May (for Markers). My summer 2010 project is to revise a conference paper I gave last year on Courbet as an article for Art Bulletin. It's a tall order but I've been writing a lot this winter and I am hoping to keep up the momentum!






  Verified that all hope is not lost with SGS.  Winter goal: will reevaluate `au`au paper for expansion; approach Joye Hardiman as reader?   Goals: same as last time!   Reading an article for her dissertation.. Got an idea re who to read next.



  Chapter on separation anxiety disorder is finished and coming out in March.  Goals: 1. Revisit the survey and send out IRB ammendment in the next two weeks. 2. Review past writing that I need to do something with.  3. Set regular writing time.   Submitted revision to IRB. Entering data. Thinking about sending in a conference proposal this week. Will analyze old data and start collecting revised surveys.




I plan to finish revising the discussion  for my reading transfer paper and send it to my co-author for comments and further editing. Finished revising for discussion.  Now needs to do a final edit on the paper.  Hopes to send it off to Language before xmas. Also hopes to write xmas cards!  Also hopes to revise Contemplative Practices paper. Finished revising entire MS, but haven't written the re-submission letter yet; will do so by the next meeting (and hopefully also submit the MS).  Finished my Christmas notes.  :)  Goals: 1. Write re-submission letter, send it to co-author, and send the whole thing off to the journal.  2. Find a journal for contemplative practices MS (complete but will need formatting tweaks.)  3. Write a piece building on presentations on writing an attention-getting syllabus (will look into Community College Enterprise and Community College Review.)

Done: 1. I sent the revision of the reading transfer paper to Language Learning . 2.  I sent the attention-getting syllabus piece to Spectra.  In progress: I am splitting my contemplative practice paper into 2 papers (since it was too long).  I have chosen a journal for the "survey" part and am almost done revising that part.  By the next meeting: I plan to send Martha the "survey" part, and to have chosen a journal for the other part and begun revising it.

I have been VERY BUSY! Due in May! :), Will send off survey part to Communication Teacher by Valentine's Day. Plan to send off journal part to Innovative Higher Education, or Studies in Higher Education.



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