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Summer 2011

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  June 15   July 14   August 3  
Carlos Arguelles  Carlos sent his second article to the editor so that article is out being reviewed. Carlos's next project is to structure his model to the nursing dept. So now he is doing the data collection and assessment in all of his classes so he can apply them in his classes next semester.  This data will be used as the basis of his third article in his series of essays on teaching information literacy to nursing students. He is also working on the IRB for the third article and doing a literature search, which he hopes to finalize by the end of the summer and he will report back to use as to what he found.
Jay Bernstein  Jay would like to being this summer working on a book dealing with Research in Academic Libraries, intellectualism and the purpose of libraries. For next time he hopes to have some treatment or outline for this book project thought or written out.       Jay is thinking about the book and also working on proposals for grants to cover his Fellowship Leave period. For the fall he would like to develop/identify a core statement that would be worthy of a book on Library Values. 



Martha Clark Cummings             
Lesley Broder
Valerie Gill   
Karen Denard Goldman             
Gabrielle Kahn             
Renee Mizrahi            
Hope Parisi            
Caterina Pierre Caterina hopes to write all summer! Three of her projects are due ASAP: one is a book review on Rodin for caa.reviews; the other is an exhibition "for the record" for the Degas exhibition from January 2011 in Roubaix, France, for 19th-Century Art Worldwide. Next, the edits of the Minerva article are due.  All of these are due around June 30/July 1. After these are sent, she hopes to work on the Courbet article, which is close to being finished, and hopes to send it out by the end of July. She also has a conference abstract on cemetery gisants due August 1 and a paper revision for her former advisor's festschrift due on September 1. So, lots to do this summer and the payoff will be nice if she can get all of it done!   Caterina completed the Rodin review and the Degas review and they have been submitted to the editors as of July 5. She is working on the edits for the Minerva piece, which are now due on July 30 (I was able to get a short extension from the editor).  The edits will require a bit of fact checking and adding some clarifications called for by the reader's report, which she is currently working on. After July 30 she can devote more time to the Courbet article.  She has been regularly meeting with a French tutor to "clean up" her French translations for this article.  The abstract for the cemetery conference is still due on August 1 and the festschrift on September 1, so there is lots still to work on before the semester starts on September 7. Once all of the above is completed, her next article will be on a course that she taught in 2009 with Marissa Schlesinger.    Caterina completed the edits and photography for the Minerva essay and it is now in the hands of the editor at Markers. She expects that there will be a final round of edits to do this fall. She also completed a book review for caa.reviews that is currently in the process of editoral corrections.  She completed the abstract for the cemetery conference paper on August 1 and is now working on the paper for her professor's festschrift that is due on September 1. For the Fall, she would like to once again return to the Courbet essay; work on the AAC&U piece with Marissa; and write the paper on the cemetery gisants that she must present in Los Angeles in February (the paper is due January 9). These three projects are the main writing projects she will work on for the fall and must be completed by the end of 2011.  
Petra Symister            
Marissa Schlesinger            
Florence Schneider I hope to write up the results from my surveys. I also need to update the literature review and write conclusions, ie: I need to write the entire article. I have most of the statistics done. SOMEBODY MAKE ME DO IT! HELP!!!
  Review & write up stat results.
  Write new lit review. By Sept. Write entire article!
Michael Sokolow     I am writing again!! I gave a paper at a Baseball Conference in Cooperstown in June, then edited and finished/polished it in time to submit to the Conf. proceedings for publication by July 8th. Today I finally wrote more of chapter 3, which needs to be finished by early next week.  Summer Goals: Complete chap. 3 by 7/20; write chap. 4 by 8/15; write chap. 5 by the time school starts in September.  Also cleaned out entire basement from construction dust and much home improvement between 6/15-7/10, so in good with the wife too.
Janine-Graziano King         Janine and Hope's essay on Learning Communities was published!   
Jean Boggs         Jean submitted her essay on women and book plates! She has begun a new project on Feminist Classroom techniques/use of the feminist model in library instruction. She hopes to identify appropriate venues for publishing this new project by the next meeting.   
Jason VanOra            
Lourdes Follins            


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