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Summer 2009

Page history last edited by Janine 14 years, 7 months ago


  May 5 Email June 17 Email Goal July 15 Email Goal Aug 12
Carlos Arguelles     Y  


finish section on barriers

I been working hard and hope to complete my goal by next  Wednesday. This month I will work as usual and because there are no students I can catch up with my writing.
Write about available resources--library services at hospitals, research committee, shared governance
(met goal to write about barriers, but this section needs revision)
Robert Cowen Y   Y  


Intro – revisions as per his email

End of August, send in book manuscript
Sept. 15, write Parsifal paper
(previous goals met, more or less)
Martha Cummings Y   Y     I have written, revised and had accepted an article called "Intercultural Awareness in the postmethod era" for the proceedings of that conference I attended in Vietnam. Now I am doing nothing but teaching. Hope to be back on track towards the end of August, writing wise.  
Janine Graziano-King Y   Y  


submit joint paper; begin lit review for hyperbonding paper

The good news, though, is that while I've made NO progress on the new piece I want to write, Hope and I have basically finished up our paper and just about ready to submit.  
Renee Mizrahi Y   Y       Get Leading to Reading Success (or whatever the title ends up being!) proofread and in book form, with pictures
Send LtRS to literacy folks for comments
(previous goals met)
Hope Parisi              Read books and clarify thoughts on debate in the classroom vs. blogs for NCTE paper (conference presentation in fall)
 Long term goal:  make NCTE paper into SoTL paper
Caterina Pierre     Y  


3-hour writing per day; collective memory lit – intro & conclusion; revise

I have hit two snags: one is that I have to write an exhibition review for Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, a journal to which I frequently contribute.  I finally saw the show I had to review on July 24th, and it will probably take me a few days to pull the review together (It's about 2500 words). I have to send that out by the end of this week so I might have to put the the Green-Wood project on the back burner, at least for a week.
The other snag is that I have to send out about 15 letters to request rights to reproduce images in my book, which will be out this winter.  That also is urgent and I have to get those out asap.

Once these two items are behind me, I can start my 3-hours a day on the Green-Wood project.  On a positive note, I have started reading some of the literature on Collective Memory and even though I don't think I'll be able to devote too much time to writing on the Green-Wood project, I think I will be able to do some reading for it.
 Petra Symister        


finish SoTL paper; write results section of family expectations paper

I'm finished my SoTL paper, but I haven't submitted it to the journal yet.  I was a couple of hundred words over the limit, so I did some minor editing.  I took the weekend off and I picked it up again yesterday.  I'll submit it either today or tomorrow.

I've made no progress on the ESRD paper, but by the end of this week I expect to tackle the additional analyses required for the results section.  Fun times.
Figure out where to send ESRD/family expectations paper
Long term goal: submit ESRD paper during fall semester
(previous goals met--SoTL paper submitted to Academic Ex. Quarterly)
Marissa Schlesinger Y   Y      My goal is still very much as it was early in the summer.  Courses, travel, and in-laws have all derailed my focus.  I'll spend some time on Tuesday writing *something* dissertation related, but at this point I'm afraid to be any more specific than that!  I think I need to re-read that section of book about scheduling sacred writing time... Do lit review, get AEB (through KCC library or on own)
Write plagiarist (?)
Florence Schneider Y   Y  


find a two-hour time; analyze data; revisit dissertation and 1976 work

It's Summer and since I don't want to be accused of being a 'binge writer', I'm NOT writing.


Thanks to Janine (you are a dear) I have direction for analyzing my data, but it must be done in my office and I'm in New Jersey - so I will try to get to it at least once for a solid two hours in the next two weeks.


Holly Krech Thomas        


finish SoTL paper and prepare to send

I have finished my contemplative practice paper; my husband and mother will be giving me feedback on it before I pass it along to Janine early next week for her comments.  Whew!  It's nice to have a full draft.

Next week, I plan to start a long-neglected project that will involve some major literature review.  So I may be spending some time in the graduate center, depending on what I can access from Kingsborough.

Revise (based on Janine's comments) and submit contemplative paper
Finish lit review for reading transfer paper and revise the intro
Maybe submit an IRB protocol for more contemplative research in F09
(previous goals met)



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