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Spring 2011

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  March 16 March 17 April 13 April 14 May 11 May 12
Carlos Arguelles          Carlos sent his second article to the editor so that article is out being reviewed. Carlos's next project is to structure his model to the nursing dept. So now he is doing the data collection and assessment in all of his classes so he can apply them in his classes next semester.  This data will be used as the basis of his third article in his series of essays on teaching information literacy to nursing students.
Jay Bernstein          Jay submitted an abstract for the First Annual Conference Information and Religion, which was accepted and he sent the final version in April. There is a Journal of Theological and Religious Information where this work may fit. Jay would like at some point to go back into Library and Information Science work that he has also researched.  Right now he is developing some projects that will help him apply for the next stage of promotion, and seeking a new exciting project.



Martha Clark Cummings          Martha would like to work on making some of her projects managable by narrowing down some of her studies.  She is also working on a humorous book with another author about 10-Steps to learning a foreign language. There is also a final project about academic writing and why it is so hard to teach people to write academically; this would be a co-authored piece. Martha hopes to work with us this summer! 
Lesley Broder
Valerie Gill   
Karen Denard Goldman             
Gabrielle Kahn             
Renee Mizrahi            
Hope Parisi            
Caterina Pierre Caterina received good news; her essay on Minerva has been accepted with revisions by the journal Markers (pub. by the Association for Gravestone Studies); edits are due July 1.  Big love to the group for encouraging me to send it in last fall!  Next project: during the spring break, she hopes to return to her Courbet essay, which is almost ready to be mailed out.  She's having trouble deciding which journal to send it to, but Art Bulletin and Oxford Art History are two possibilities.    Caterina, like Jean, hopes to write next week on Spring Break.  The Plan: start a fifteen-minute per day rule; look at the Minerva edits and start making a plan to complete the revise and resubmit for Minerva by July 1; Print out the Courbet material and try to reconnect with it over the break so that it can possibly be sent out by the end of June.  I think now that Minerva was accpeted by Markers, it is probably safe to send out the Courbet piece to Art Bulletin, as I already have two publications accepted towards my next promotion (Dalou and Minerva). By the next meeting, I would like to have both the Courbet essay and the Minerva piece almost ready to be sent out (by June 30/July 1). Jean agreed to "partner" with Caterina to read each others' work samples.   Caterina is currently working seriously on the Courbet article, and is working with a French translation specialist to check the translations for accuracy before she sends it out to Art Bulletin.  She has a goal of sending it out in June.  For the summer, if the Courbet gets out, there are two reviews she promised to write (one for a book on Rodin and one for an exhibition on Degas) that are also due ASAP.  The Minerva edits are due in July and I was asked to write an article in honor of my former advisor for Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, which will be due at the end of the summer. One last project in the works is a co-authored piece with Marissa about the Hybrid Art history course we taught in 2009.  We'd like to start drafting that piece this summer, but it probably will not be sent out anywhere until 2012.
Petra Symister            
Marissa Schlesinger            
Florence Schneider            
Michael Sokolow            
Janine-Graziano King         Janine is writing about faculty development in Learning Communities. She hopes to take the pieces from two articles on Learning Communities and merge them over the summer.  This would be similar to a chapter of a book that she is hoping to publish with other authors about Learning Communities, but at this time she feels she should go ahead with the article and not worry about the book right now because it is planned for way in the future.
Jean Boggs     Jean is working positively on the women's book plate project! Jean has an abstract that she has written for herself for right now. It is about how women readers shaped libraries and how they shaped them personally and artistically through their reading. Since last semester she has done a literature search and study and has found a lot of good sources which have enabled her to focus her area of this research.The study of the bookplates makes Jean's study unique. Jean hopes to do a lot of writing next week during spring break. Is about half way done now, hopes to have another 1000-1500 words written next week. By the end of the Spring semester she hopes to have a first draft. Journal of Libraries and the Cultural Record is the journal she will try first b/c the editor was enthusiastic about the project.      
Jason VanOra            


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