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Winter 2011

Page history last edited by Mike Sokolow 13 years, 4 months ago


  January 26 February 24        
Carlos Arguelles  Proofread article to come out in February. First draft of second article completed; currently revising and expect to have it ready by mid-February to get feedback from a member of the nursing dept as well as another reader. Next article? Application.... Made a lot of changes to his 2nd article on Nursing and Information Literacy.  The Journal of Hospital Librarianship has shown interest in this second article.  By our next meeting he hopes to have it sent out to them.  Will send it to a friend for proofreading first.  He has begun to use his model with Nursing students at KCC and has the beginnings of the 3rd article in the works.  He hopes to use the data from his Fall 2010 Nursing students questionnaire for this third article.         
Jay Bernstein  Have been reading and collecting sources on concepts of knowledge, classification, and information systems. Saw a call for Information and Religion at Kent State...submitted an abstract on Shamanic Knowledge: The Challenge to Information Science...waiting for response.  Also did some exploratory writing and has identified an area of interest...making progress, but slowly, and waiting for a shock of inspiration. By February, hopes to have the ideas for the conference paper or article blocked out.        



Martha Clark Cummings  uhgnnnnnn....heavy teaching load this winter,..has folder for sociolinguitics textbook, symbolic competence, fiction, etc., and is thinking about these, but has been teaching too much this winter to push any forward,  Has an idea for a SoTL project - students' daily, small behaviors that impact learning/success - hopes for inspiration at workshop :) By February, reconsider some stories and nose academic work forward          
Lesley Broder
Valerie Gill   
Karen Denard Goldman             
Gabrielle Kahn             
Renee Mizrahi            
Hope Parisi            
Caterina Pierre In Paris working on Courbet.  Making much progress on this, but less on the Modern Allegories...will continue to plug along! My Victor Noir article was published by Sculpture Journal this month! Hooray! One down, two to go!  I returned from Paris on Feb. 6 with 25 pages written on Courbet and +70 footnotes.  It still needs work but I hope that by our first Spring meeting, March 16, I will be ready to send it out to a journal. The big decision is whether to sent it to Art Bulletin or Art History.  I am leaning toward the former, which is the top AH Journal in the US.  They have a long turn-around time, but this might be one of the few articles I would write that they might consider. Art History is the leading British AH journal, has a shorter turn-around time, but might be my second choice. The next project will be to return to the Modern Allegories project with a new idea I had about hot-air balloons! All is quiet on Minerva's Battle Hill (haven't yet heard back about that piece from Markers) and I have a review due in June on Degas for NCAW.          
Petra Symister            
Marissa Schlesinger            
Florence Schneider            
Michael Sokolow   I mostly wasted the winter session, allowing a variety of family issues to get in the way.  I was also distracted by a short lecture series I was invited to give, which has been highly enjoyable but took time away from writing.  This past week I managed to write 6 pages in two days, which made me feel better, but not much.  Chapter Three continues to taunt me, but I am hoping a soft Spring teaching schedule (only T W Th) will allow me more continuity and consistent effort.  I also got word this week that I'll be delivering a paper at a conference in early June on material I've already written, which is also a boost.  With my wife taking 2 months off work and possible taking over some of the domestic  roles, maybe I have a chance to buckle down this semester.        
Janine-Graziano King Finished the piece with Hope and hasn't made much other progress, but plan to get back to faculty development article and have a few more pages by mid-February... She and Hope sent in their article in January and they have not heard anything back yet, but it looks like it is a go for publication in Community College Enterprise!  She would like to return to her 15-minute a day writing schedule and start with her piece on Faculty Development and Learning Communities.         
Jean Boggs            
Jason VanOra            





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