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Fall 2010

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Carlos Arguelles  Received a revise and resubmit for his article sent in over the summer, which he has completed (had a revision deadline of September 23 for January 2011 publication). Hopes to now work on a new Nursing and Information Literacy piece.  Because of the huge number of students this semester, the library is completely packed, and in addition to this, Carlos is working on the self-assessment, his classes, the library portion of the website, the history of the library, and all of his other work that he is responsible for in the Library.     Carlos has been doing a 15-minute a day program on his Nursing and Information Literacy piece, and he will be taking two weeks off after Thanksgiving to devote himself to that article full-time.  He recently was able to survey 70 students over four library classes on info. literacy, attended by soon-to-graduate Nursing students.  The survey should help him assess the projections he is making in his article.  Carlos hopes to finish a first draft of this article by the end of the year and then give a copy to someone to read and review before sending it out to a journal.     
Jay Bernstein           



Martha Clark Cummings  Just has a chapter published in a book ed by David Nunan/Julie Choi (Language And Culture: Reflective Narratives And The Emergence Of Identity.)  Also a paper accepted one year ago to a conference has been published in the conference proceedings.  Five of Martha’s short stories are out to literary journals right now; she is waiting on replies.  Wants to write a paper on memory but forgot what it was about (haha)!  Martha is collecting data on what we talk about when we talk on the cell phone (discourse analysis/linguistics). Has to check if this kind of study requires IRB approval.     While Martha forgot her memory project (!), she is working on her "Pizza" study, which deals with symbolic competence in language/cross-cultural situations.  The Pizza place near her home, which serves a very diverse community, has been a good place to witness symbolic competence exchanges.  She is also co-editing a special issue of Teaching English in the 2-Year College, which will appear in September of 2012. She hopes to keep working and have some of her work published before the promotion committee meets in May of 2011.    Martha has a January 15 deadline for the proceedings publication for a conference she recently attended; the theme of her project was "diversifying the curriculum."  She may have found in the Chronicle a possible place to submit her "Pizza study": the Journal of Mundane Life! She is continuing to collect data for that project. She has a possible lead to publish a book with the yet-to-be-established Anaheim University Press on socio-linguistics (a textbook) but needs to find out the timeline, and wants to teach the course as a model for the textbook. She is going to continue with these projects during the winter.
Lesley Broder
Lesley has material in her dissertation and other sources that needs to get out...but is afraid it sounds to "student-like" and is having a hard time ending the revision process and letting it go. Lesley's goal for next time is to send one or two pieces out! Let  go, Lesley!
Valerie Gill  Valerie is still basking in the happiness of her recent publications :) Just finished a collaborative piece that was accepted for publication for Nov-Dec in a nursing journal. By next time, Valerie will try to identify a topic for a solo piece.
Karen Denard Goldman  Karen has two pieces that are basically completed - she knows the revisions that are needed for one and the other is ready to go - but just can't seem to get to it.  Karen's goal for next time is to send out the second one and to identify a new journal for the first one, and may be able to reshape it by February.
  Karen identified an appropriate co-author for the article that was "ready to go" so that is now in the hands of the co-author. She hopes to continue to work with the co-author and send the article in to the journal Public Health Reports by the end of the year.       
Gabrielle Kahn  This summer Gabrielle started her article on private speech, which is derived from her dissertation.  She started doing a revised lit review, but did not find a lot of new material, which is good because she doesn’t have a lot of reading to do.  However she has to finish the lit review.  The original diss chapter was 35 pages, and that needs to be shaved down. She might want to think about working on the diss as a book.  Classes started so she had to stop working on the lit review. Will try to organize time to include some writing over the fall.     Gabrielle is still working on producing an article from her dissertation, although time this semester has been tight.  She attended a conference of socio-cultural scholars at Barnard College and that gave her renewed energy to work on her writing. She has been asked to contribute a chapter on the relevance of discourse analysis and she is excited about working on that.  She hopes to have her article from the diss ready to send out by the end of November.     
Renee Mizrahi            
Hope Parisi            
Caterina Pierre Caterina just send out the Minerva essay to Markers, the Journal of the Association for Gravestone Studies.  The editor has been positive and said that there may be space for it in the 2011-2012 issue, if the essay gets through the reviewers without too much revision needed. Her next project is to revise her lecture on Courbet and Sculpture in Switzerland that she gave as a lecture at the 2008 College Art Association conference.  The lecture was only 9 pages so a lot of material will have to be added.  She is trying to follow the Belcher book How to Write Your Journal Article in 12 weeks and is using the Courbet lecture as the piece to prepare over the next 12 weeks. By the next meeting, Caterina would like to have read up to chapter 8 in the Belcher book, completed all of the tasks in the book up to that point, and have a new abstract and a new literature review completed for the Courbet essay.  Additionally, she may have to page-proof the Dalou article during this time, as she expects that essay will be published in Sculpture Journal before the end of the year.   Caterina realized that she overstated her goals in September and must readjust them. She has only made it to Chapter 2 of the Belcher book, and the lit review and new abstract are going to take a bit longer than she originally thought. Caterina has recalculated when she will read the book and work on her Courbet article, and now hopes to finish the book and have something to send out before the start of the spring semester. By the December meetings, Caterina hopes to really have a new abstract and a new bibliography for the essay, and she hopes to take all of her material to Paris in January and continue working on it there (Jan 6 - Feb 6, 2011). She may try to scan and type her notes so she can take everything digitally. Page proofs of the Dalou article have not yet been sent, and they could arrive in December, which will alter the schedule. Good news: her review of the Matisse/Rodin exhibition was published in Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide in October. Caterina hopes to try to carve a minimum of 15 minutes per day out of her schedule for writing on the Courbet project. Small goals are to read Petra Chu's book on Courbet before the end of the year; find and rework her abstract on the Courbet piece as it was submitted to CAA when she gave the paper as a conference lecture; find and print relevant articles published on Courbet since 1996; and continue to read Belcher's book for ideas. The good news is that the Victor Noir article that she was revising and resubmitted in February has been officially accepted for publication in Sculpture Journal! Proofs are soon to arrive and it should be published very soon (expected by January, 2011).  Caterina found out that her review of "Illusions of Reality" is due to the editor of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide by December 15; so she had to actually go to Amsterdam to see the exhibition to be reviewed and is currently working on that.  Also, the page proofs for her Victor Noir article arrived two weeks ago and she had to work on those for the article, whcih is to be published in January 2011 in Sculpture Journal.  The Courbet article will probably have to wait to be picked up again after finals are finished and all grades are posted. I hope to work on it in January in Paris, alsong with my new research on Modern Allegories.  I will spend some time scanning material on Courbet to take with me to Paris.  
Petra Symister            
Marissa Schlesinger            
Florence Schneider            
Michael Sokolow Mike is up to page 55 of a book that looks at the minor league stadiums in NY. His goal is NOT to lose his momentum. To do that, he plans to write in shorter spurts at least 4 or 5 days per week.  By Nov 1, he hopes to finish Chapter 3.
  Michael completed another 4 pages towards Chapter 3 and is about half-way through the chapter.  He hopes to finish chapter 3 of his book on minor league stadiums in NY by the end of the semester. He is also considering applying to present a small piece of the book at the Cooperstown Baseball Conference in June 2011. Once he finishes chapter 3, he will be 1/3rd of the way finished with the book!       
Janine-Graziano King Hope and Janine have had their article accepted to Community College Enterprise for the Spring of 2011. Now Janine is beginning to work on writing a book of Learning Communities.  (She will have to do IRBs and her co-author Emily might have some other  obligations.)  So she is hoping to keep working on a solo piece at the same time (faculty development; notetaking; hyperbonding; learning communities). Having a hard time settling on a single piece partly because she is busy with other things for work.  Might have enough for a paper on hyperbonding; as a deterrent: how to add more collaborating in the classroom to avoid hyperbonding.   Janine is working on organizing her materials.  Janice has organized her desk and she is revising the article she worked on with Hope. Soon she hopes to start a new project, possibly on Learning Communities/Assessment.    janine is working on the final revisions of the article she wrote with Hope; they hope to send these in by the end of December.  She is also working on the solo project on Faculty Development through Learning Communities. She is currently reading Daniel Pratt on Teaching Perspectives and hopes to run a FIG on this subject in the Spring and possibly work that into a future writing project. She was happy to report that the 15-minutes of writing per day has worked for her and she wants to continue with that right after the semester is over and her grades are in. 
Jean Boggs           Jean Boogs joined the Writing Group today!  She is working on two projects: one on bookplate collections in libraries, for which she has found an interested journal and a very helpful and encouraging editor; and another project on the decline of the collecting of Popular magazines in libraries and how that will affect research in Popular Culture over time. She hope to try the 15-minute-a-day writing idea. 


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