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Summer 2010

Page history last edited by cpierre@kingsborough.edu 13 years, 9 months ago
June 17
July 15
August 12
Carlos Arguelles My article on Library Learning for Nurses it was peer reviewed by Valerie Gill; I sent it also to a personal friend for editing. It has been submitted to the Journal of Hospital Librarianship. My next project is to create a survey on how nursing schools and libraries in nursing schools help nurses with information literacy. Now doing a literature search on the topic and working how to send the survey and to whom to send it to. Survey Monkey might work for this because they also analyze the results. My goal for next month:   I've read 40% of the articles I found on the topic and am thinking of dropping the survey idea and instead writing an article that considers the literature on both sides - librarianship and nursing - and try to synthesize these and draw some conclusions in the area of information literacy.
  Received an acceptance from JHL will be published (YAY!) in early 2011. 90% of literature review for new project (Nursing and Information Literacy). GOAL: I want to finish my review of the literature and will write the first part of the article dealing with the literature review. Will check out the Nursing programs in general and see what is done with Nurses and Information Literature.
Jay Bernstein            
Robert Cowan    
The only writing I've done since last time was the index for my book, which was actually incredibly time-consuming.  But, in handed it in the other day, they were happy with it, and the book is going to the printer tomorrow to stay on track for its September 1 pub date.  So, now I'm hoping to go back to work on a couple of articles, but we'll see with the crazy workload for this program.
  Working on a novel manuscript. 
Martha Cummings By July 8, I will be in Tokyo and Vietnam to present 6 workshops; will send out five short stories before I leave. My next projects will be about memory and also about my ESL students at KCC (the second project will merge the two themes).   She meant to say I would get those 5 stories out by September 15, not July 15? (What was I thinking?)
Libby Garland            
Valerie Gill Nursing 2010 will publish my article on pediatric hypertension this year; she has a grant with other faculty to create a nursing teaching tool through her study of childhood obesity (it is related to service learning); this will have an article component.  The next project will be a study sickle cell. By next month I would like to submit to  sickel cell to a journal. (We don't know which journal yet).          
Gabrielle Kahn I am a new member this month! I have to work on separating my disssertation (related to ESL/Language Acquisition) into at least publishable articles by this summer. I want to write an article on private speech (inward speech/inward language rehearsal/practice). I am currently recording my baby Rosie for to document her language acquisition. My long term future goal is to look free-writing practices.   I'm still working
on the private speech article I reported on last time. Have been updating
myself on current L2 private speech literature. And reading the
Hoff-Ginsberg text on L1 vocabulary acquisition--though that's more for
pleasure than for current research projects!
Janine Graziano-King Hope and I are finishing references for our joint authored article on Learning Communities. We will send it to Community College Enterprise ASAP. Next, I want to start my project on the use of Social Networking in the classroom, but I have to do the background research; other projects include the hyperbonding project and a project on faculty development.  My goal for the month is to start reading critical pedegogy and making notes.   OK - just sorted out four possible articles and have settled on writing an article for the Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning, By next time, will look at past issues, will survey POD articles and start outlining a paper.
  Much of my time has been occupied by the PRR report for Middle States with R. Fox. I subsuribed to a journal that deals with Faculty Development, but my interest level was low. I want to collect data this semester on collaborative note-taking. Hope and I are still waiting to hear on our article with CCR. I might pick up the online note taking material as an article. There are two book projects as well (Learning Communities and Composition in LCs).  Might write a co-authored piece with another colleague on LCs. GOALS: Read and Write up the work that I did with my team this summer to serve as a chapter for the LC book and design the project to do with my students on collaborative note taking.
Renee Mizrahi         My book "Leading to Reading Success" is completed and is currently at the copyeditor.
Hope Parisi         Started a project on how English teachers get involved in assuring basic writing students "legitimacy" (this is often in lieu of a student orientation program within the community college) and how students resist and reframe legitimacy on their own terms. This is for a UPenn project.
Caterina Pierre Two of my projects from last semester will be published: a review of the Matisse/Rodin exhibition at the Musee Rodin will be published this fall in Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide and my article on the Victor Noir sculpture in Pere Lachaise in Sculpture Journal.  This summer I hope to finish my article on the sculpture of Minerva in Green-Wood Cemetery, to be sent to Markers, the journal of the AGS. My goal for our next meeting is to have a working manuscript for the Minerva article and to have all photography ready for the manuscript submission. My future project is to start working on my article on Courbet's sculpture, but that may have to wait until the Fall.   While I was in Switzerland, saw some primary materials on Courbet, so, it seems more timely to work on Courbet and hold off on Minerva. I sent out all of the photography for the Victor Noir article. Plans are to work on Courbet and to write an abstract for a paper I'd like to give in London in 2011.
  Since our July meeting, I wrote and submitted two abstracts. Both are proposals to write papers on Marcello (the subject of my book). One conference is The Mapping Sculpture conference to be held at the V&A Museum in London in February, 2011 and the other is The 1st Annual Feminist Art History Conference to be held at American University in November, 2010. I struggle between working on Courbet and working on Minerva, but since Minerva is almost done, I began to reorganize my materials for this paper. If I have something done on this soon, I'll post it to this wiki as a pdf...I'd appreciate it GREATLY if anyone wants to and has time to read it and make suggestions.  My goal: to send this out to the editor of Markers by early September, 2010. Courbet then will be my fall project. I am excited to act as FIG facilitator for this group for the coming academic year!  Thanks Janine!  
Petra Symister     Was able to obtain the necessary software to run her data analysis from the Spring. Submitted a manuscript to Journal of Health Psychology and received a revised and resubmit, and cut 1000 wds. Hoping to resumbit by next week.
  I want to resubmit the article for JHP within the next two weeks. Thinking of a new project (coping project is one, but it might not pan out; another idea is on the missing variable analysis) for the fall. I come up for tenure in the fall of 2012. 
Marissa Schlesinger     Wrote THE email to the graduate coordinator of her department to find out options for finishing the PhD.
  Received a positive response from her graduate school to continue and form a new committee, which she did and she is waiting to find out if the new committee agrees. GOAL: Start a project list with current and future projects and where I am on them.
Florence Joy Schneider I published a co-authored essay entitled Parental Control and Separation Anxiety Disorder was published in the book Psychiatric Disorders. Analyzed data from last year's research on SPSS internships in education, for which I received significant results and my goal is to write up the results and write an article on this research. I reviewed my file on projects to be revisied and I will keep it with me for the summer.          


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